GARD represents and work together with  many international water treatment company with good credibilities. With their support and the high-end technologies they share, GARD is ready to be your water treatment solution.

Some of the partners are:


Hans Huber AG, Germany

   VRM, Screen and various items

Hydrocal Inc, USA

   CAF system

Lakos, USA

   solid separation system

Brentwood, USA

   tube settler

Kelair, Australia


IMC International, UK

   Sanistrel sanitary napkins crusher

Oase Pumpen GmbH, Germany

   water fountain technologies

Ozonair, USA

   ozone generator

Unisanpol, Thailand


Samsan Crown, Korea

   dosing pumps, ozone & acc.

GSD, Taiwan

   submersible & centrifugal pumps

Solarbee, USA

   Solar powered aerator











Cebu conference, held by Lakos USA

Jurong pilot plant, HUBER, Germany