INDONESIA WATER EXPO 2007rococo_new_2.gif

GARD, together with HUBER will be a participant in the Indonesia Water EXPO 2007. The Exhibition will be held on June, in the Jakarta EXPO Center. Equipments to be displayed in the exhibition are (not in any order):

- VRM system model, a mini-rotating VRM membrane system filtration

- MCB system, a compact membrane system filtration

- Ro9 automatic screen, the container and tunnel model

it  would be a good chance for us to see and learn more about water treatment and its importance in the future. We'll share information regarding environment (especially water) and provide you with advices to solve your water problem in our booth. 

See you in the EXPO!


In the near future, an MCB unit is going to be offered to social organization such as school, hospital, elder house etc. This is a part of commitment that GARD has, in order to introduce simple recycling water process into the community, especially in Jakarta, Indonesia. The unit is capable to produces around 500 liters/day clean water from waste water.

With it's low electrical cost, easy operation and maintenance, GARD wish to change the community perception that such technology has to come in such expensive price. Please stay tune with us for any news regarding this event.



GARD is searching for talented dynamic individuals to enforce the team. If you have interest in the environmental subject, looking for challenges and other thing, just check out our career page here